High Quality POS Terminal Protective Case For N6

This POS machine protective cover includes an outer rubber cover, the outer rubber cover includes a bottom surface and four sides perpendicular to the bottom surface, the four sides and the bottom surface enclose a cavity for accommodating a mobile phone, and the two sides and the back are provided with anti-skid grooves and hollows For heat dissipation, the four corners are provided with impact-resistant and anti-wear layers. The product is made of TPU injection molding, which is not easy to fall off, has a good grip and good thermal stability, is non-toxic and harmless, and has a beautiful appearance.

Name: POS machine protective cover
Brand: ES
Customization: support customization and mold opening
Color: any color
Size: 81.35mm*164.45mm*22.06mm
Applicable models: N6
Product material: ABS
Product weight: 61g
Process: TPU injection molding
Packing: 80pcs/carton

  • Additional: oil injection, color painting, silk screen printing, laser engraving, exclusive customization welcome
  • Protect the POS machine to prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the screen or body of the POS machine.
  • You can DIY on a variety of patterns, there are beautiful and fashionable designs.
  • The silicone cover can prevent the nails from being scratched and worn out from contact with the buttons for a long time, and has the function of protecting the screen and buttons.
  • The silicone cover has a non-slip effect.
  • Restore the true color, with high transparency, can be sprayed, painted, 3D relief, etc.


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