POS Terminal Case, Silicone Protective Sleeve PAX D200

Like other silicone protection products, this product can play a role in dust protection and stain protection and reduce impact force. In addition, this silicone protective sleeve is hollowed out in some parts, so it will not affect the normal use of the POS machine.

The advantage of the silicone sleeve is that it can fully match the appearance of the POS machine, and it does not affect daily use at all after the set is good, and it can also prevent the appearance of the POS machine from being scratched or even broken. However, ordinary silicone sleeves are easy to absorb dust and cannot be considered durable. The dust-proof type is better, and the color is still quite rich. For more quality and color needs, please contact us to customize your personality exclusively.

Product Name POS Terminal Case, Silicone Protective Sleeve PAX D200
Origin Shenzhen, China
Material Eco-friendly silicone
Applicable model PAX-D200
Brand ES
Customization Support, welcome to contact us
Color Any color can be customized
Packing 270*140mm, 1pcs/pack, 60pcs/box
Spraying equipment automatic spraying line + 10,000-level dust-free workshop
Additional Screen printing, embossing, color printing, laser, etc., welcome to customize exclusive for you


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