TPS320 Classic Silicone Protective Cover

TPS320 POS machine silicone protective cover is made of elastic silicone material. It not only feels good in hand, not easy to tear and damage, but also non-toxic and has a long service life. It can tightly cover the POS terminal in a natural state, effectively avoiding Daily wear and tear, and at the same time have the functions of dustproof and radiation protection, simple structure, easy to carry and easy to use.

Fit and easily replaceable silicone case adds a personal touch and helps protect the body. Bright and varied colors to choose from. And the new anti-fouling treatment is adopted to reduce the adhesion of dust and dander caused by static electricity. Different from the traditional method of covering the coating, it can improve the problems of coating peeling, paint peeling and sticking.

  • Three-dimensional cladding of the fuselage, with high requirements for fit, accuracy and appearance.
  • Size control, stain control with bright colors, anti-fouling treatment.


  • Color: any color can be customized
  • Size: 206.49mm*91.89mm*31.97mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Applicable model: TPS320
  • Scope of use: Silicone protective cover for electronic instruments
  • Universal material: high tensile and tear resistant silicone, soft touch, various colors.


  • Ultra-thin feel, colorful color matching
  • Just right thickness, just right protection
  • Greatly cushion the impact force and bring all-round protection
  • Brand new design to improve hand feeling
  • New coating, dirt can be wiped clean
  • Exquisite silk-screen logo, quality assurance
  • For TPS320

Provide suitable material selection suggestions, design improvement suggestions, mold fixture development, and small order quantities. Customized materials, special shapes that are not easy to demould are our expertise.


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