What are the advantages of thermal double-sided adhesive in application

Thermal interface material is an important choice to solve the thermal problem of electronic products, and there are many types of thermal interface materials, and thermal double-sided adhesive is currently one of the more commonly used, so what are the advantages of thermal double-sided adhesive in the application?

Performance advantages of thermal double-sided adhesive:

High thermal conductivity: Thermal double-sided adhesive has super heat transfer, heat conductivity and heat dissipation functions. The thermal conductivity of the thermal double-sided adhesive is 0.8-1.6, which solves the problem of heat dissipation paste, thermal conduction paste is difficult to operate, uneven coating, and spilled glue causes defective products.

Shock absorption function: Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is made by fully punching air in acrylic (acrylic) substrate, and has shockproof, shock absorption and other cushioning functions.

Anti-aging: The environment in which thermal double-sided adhesive works is generally in high heat, high temperature, temperature difference change, rich in ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is required that the thermal conductive tape must be able to withstand low temperature (-20 degrees or less), high temperature resistance (+120 degrees or more), and at the same time resist the perennial irradiation of ultraviolet rays, generally after 1 year, it will fail and harden, resulting in a decrease in thermal conductivity.

No volatile substances: Thermally conductive double-sided adhesives do not contain volatile substances, such as toluene, so they will not be caused by the erosion of volatile substances The light decay of TV backlights, LEDs, etc., is widely used in various light source products.

Wide range of applications: Due to the excellent thermal conductivity, it can solve the heat dissipation problems of some industries, and is widely used in military, computers, communication and communication equipment, electronic consumer goods, power supplies, automotive electronics, industrial electronic equipment and other industries and fields.

The above is the performance advantage of thermal double-sided adhesive in the thermal conduction application of electronic products, and it is a thermal interface material with good practicality.