YM type Silicone Zebra Connector

YM Type Silicone Zebra Connector

YM type silicone zebra connectors is a three-layer conductive zebra strip, which is made of 3 conductive zebra layers and 2 insulating silicone lining layers arranged between each other to meet the design of multi-redundant circuits.

YM Type Silicone Zebra Connectornaming specifications

YM type conductive rubber connector Preloading relation and curve

Sample : YM P0.1 8×4×3.5mm CW0.8

Structure and electrical performance data

Implementation standards:GB2439,GB/T528

Conductive layerInsulation layerInsulation Foil layer
MaterialConductive Rubber[Normal]Conductive Rubber[Low Resistance]Silicone RubberSilicone Rubber
Volume Resistivity<6 Ω·cm<3 Ω·cm>1012 Ω·cm>1012 Ω·cm
Tensile Strength>4mPa>5mPa>4mPa>4mPa
Tear Strength>8N/mm>12N/mm>10N/mm>12N/mm

Implementation standards

Working TemperatureHumidityMax.current