YN Type Conductive zebra strip

YN Type Zebra Connector

YN type conductive zebra strips is a double-layer conductive zebra strip, both sides of the conductive zebra layer, the middle is separated by a silicone rubber insulating liner, forming a 2-layer conductive 1-layer insulating connection structure.

YN Type Zebra Connector​ Naming Specifications

YN Type Zebra Connector​ Preloading Relation And Curve

Sample: YN P0.1 7×2×3mm CW0.8

Structure And Electrical Performance Data


Conductive layer Insulation layer Insulation Foil Layer
Material Conductive Rubber[Normal] Conductive Rubber[Low Resistance] Silicone Rubber Silicone Rubber
Hardness 65±5A 70±5A 65±5A 30±5A
Volume Resistivity <6 Ω·cm <3 Ω·cm >1012 Ω·cm >1012 Ω·cm
Tensile Strength >4mPa >5mPa >4mPa >4mPa
Elongation >100% >150% >100% >300%
Tear Strength >8N/mm >12N/mm >10N/mm >12N/mm
Color Black White Transparent/White

Implementation Standards

Working Temperature Humidity Max/current
-50~150℃ 85%(25℃) 2.5mA/mm2