Zebra Strip Connector

The zebra elastomeric connectors is a kind of conductive connector with good elasticity, which has excellent electrical properties and is widely used in the field of electronic products.

As electronic and electrical equipment becomes thinner and more miniaturized, users have higher and higher functions of products, so it is necessary to fully consider product reliability in the early stage of product design.

This guide contains various technical parameters, electrical characteristics, structural characteristics, design specifications and other information of elastomeric connectors, to help users select and formulate more reliable conductive rubber connectors and structural parameters in the early stage of design.

Elastomeric Connector

Elastomeric Connectors Features

  • High-density,more I/O permutation
  • Low impedance,high current demand
  • Low insertion force,low compression force
  • Redundant contact connection
  • High electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Chemical stability,resistance to aging
  • Easily assemble,lower cost

General application

  • Connect between LED&PCB
  • Connect between PCB&PCB
  • Connection of HCI sensor
  • Tamper protection circuit
  • Electronic watch
  • LCB and electronic screen

Types and codes of elastomeric connectorsproduced by our company

Elastomeric Connectors Specification

The regular size of the middle conductor is determined by the width of the conductive strip

Elastomeric Connectors Dimension Design Principle

(L):The length of the glass is reduced by 0.5mm

(H):9% to 15% of the height of compression ratio, the best compression ratio of 10%.

(W):Edge width of LCD*(0.90~0.95).

(P):The ratio of the width of each golden finger to the adhesive strip of PCB≥3~5.

In the formulation of elastomeric connectors size, in order to ensure the best connection performance and reliability , it should follow the data and specifications on the two tables and design principles , fully consider the impact of tolerance.

Elastomeric connectors height and width ratio should be greater than or equal to 1.5.

The elastomeric connectors is limited by the manfacturing craft and the comductive lines can not be completely vertical, to the conductive lines of the conductive rubber connector which is less than 2 degrees are allowed to be skewed.

Elastomeric Connectors Mechanical Property Requirements

Marking, packaging, transportation, storage

  • The product is packed in a plastic bag, sealed with a heat sealing machine, and the product is in a free state in the bag, and the bag should have a product certificate of conformity, and should indicate: product name (specification), quantity, inspector, production date.
  • Special cardboard box for outer packaging.
  • It is allowed to be transported using various means of transport without being subjected to heavy pressure during transport.
  • The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse without acidity and other harmful gases in the number of freely placed stacking layers should not be too much.

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