New conductive rubber connector【zebra connector】

Case description:

Conductive rubber connector, commonly known as zebra connector; in many electronic applications, zebra connector is everywhere, it is formed by the conductive silicone layer and the insulating silicone layer alternately layered, is a small size, light weight, easy to install, long life conductive connector. superior electrical and mechanical reliability, conventional applications include but are not limited to:

  • The LCD monitor is connected to the PCB
  • The PCB is connected to the PCB
  • HCI sensor connection
  • Tamper-evident protection circuit connection
  • Accutron
  • Instruments and equipment and other various LCD or electronic displays

With the development of modern electronic technology, game consoles, telephones, electronic watches, meters, remote controls, computer keyboards and other electronic products have also put forward new technical tests for zebra connectors:

Conventional zebra connectors can no longer meet the design requirements of the multi-redundancy performance of new circuits.


To this end, the ES Dongcheng team after scientific research and many experiments, and finally developed a new type of conductive rubber connector; this new type of conductive rubber connector has insulating silicone as a support on both sides of the zebra layer, which can meet the application of harsh insulation requirements, and because the insulation layer is softer than the zebra layer, in practical applications, only a small compressive force can achieve good contact performance.

In addition, the highlights of the features presented can be as follows:

(1) Multi-layer superposition, accurate conduction; one of the biggest features of dongcheng silicone new conductive silicone connector is that the conduction performance is more stable and reliable, the production and assembly are simple and efficient; the structural design of multiple conductive layers and insulation layers alternately superimposed not only enhances the sensing sensitivity between various gold fingers. it also meets the design requirements of the multi-redundancy performance of the new circuit.

(2) Full of elasticity and high safety; The superior elasticity of the new conductive connector can effectively avoid the risk of good contact with the components due to the aging deformation of the structural parts and accidental drops during the use of electronic equipment; however, with the deformation of the structural parts and the compression force, the compression ratio and resistance of the conductive zebra connector will also change. The greater the force between the two gold fingers, the smaller the resistance, the better the sensing; when applied to high-security electronic products such as POS machines, when the shell is pried open, the zebra connector conduction is also interrupted, which can play a role in anti-demolition and anti-theft of information.

The zebra strips produced by ES Dongcheng can meet the customized needs of customers in different sizes, different structures, different performance values and different colors. This new type of conductive rubber connector ES Dongcheng has applied for a national utility model patent, patent number: CN201821574786.8

Three-dimensional structure diagram:


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