Is silicone plastic? A new choice for non-toxic safety

Is silicone plastic? A new choice for non-toxic safety

The food safety issue of plastic chemicals has caused a lot of noise, and the government has begun to pay attention to banning plastic tableware. However, it is difficult for restaurants or their own tableware to use heavy glass, wood or stainless steel, so the number of silicone utensils instead of plastic is gradually increasing. Some people misunderstand that silicone is a kind of plastic, but in fact, silicone and plastic are two completely different materials!

Silicone has been widely used in various commodities

Silica gel is extracted from silica from quartz mines. Silicon is also the main component of glass and crystal, so silica gel is actually a non-toxic, heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly chemical compound.

Because silica gel itself is very elastic, unlike plastics that need to be softened by adding plasticizers; coupled with high heat resistance and not easy to deform, it is safe to use, so it is widely used in medical materials and life appliances, such as medical Silicone gloves, silicone rings for fresh-keeping containers, plates, straws, cups, pot lids, ice boxes, insulated gloves, baking utensils, breast implants, lubricants, bouncy balls, tooth retainers, gaskets and pacifiers, etc. Thousands of uses.

Advantages of silicone

1. High temperature resistance: The temperature resistance of silica gel ranges from -40°C to 220°C, and the heat resistance can reach 260°C, which can be safely used for cooking.
2. Resistance to temperature difference: It has good elasticity and ductility, and it is not necessary to add plasticizers to soften like plastics. The quality is stable and does not deteriorate due to high and low temperatures, and can be directly put into the oven and refrigerator.
3. Good appearance: The silica gel itself is translucent or milky white, and it is easy to color to make a variety of colorful colors.
4. Durable: Silicone is suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers, without worrying about damage and release of toxins.

Distinguish “food grade silicone” and “ordinary silicone”?

Ordinary silica gel is mostly used in industry, while edible-grade silica gel is widely used in baby products, food utensils, etc. The biggest difference between edible silica gel and ordinary silica gel is that edible silica gel has relatively high transparency and is colorless and odorless.

In the test method, you can hold the silicone product with your hands, focus on one place, and then pull it hard to both sides. If there is white, it is ordinary silicone, and if there is no white, it is food-grade silicone. Ordinary silica gel has a strange smell and some pungent smell recently; edible silica gel has no abnormal smell or pungent smell recently, but there will be a faint smell of silica gel.

Loving your family starts with environmental protection

One-time discarded plastics cause great harm to the environment and human beings. Plastics that cannot be decomposed for 10,000 years, regardless of whether they flow into the ocean or land, will eventually return to human beings after recycling from the food chain, causing health hazards. For this reason, silicone kitchen products have become the main reason for the hot sale. When purchasing silicone products, check whether the material is clearly marked. It is best to choose the food grade and precautions for use to judge the reliability. Food grade silicone cleaning can be cleaned with baking soda, do not use a steel brush to clean.

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