Power flame retardant thermal conductive silicone

Flame retardant thermal conductive electronic silica gel is a single-group molecular flame retardant silica gel refined from high-quality thermal conductive materials, fillers, curing agents and other polymer materials, which is room temperature curing silicone rubber; Molecules cause cross-linking, and vulcanize into high-performance elastomer. It is a reinforced neutral silicone elastic adhesive. After fully cured, it has excellent resistance to high and low temperature changes, and will not be damaged by contact gaps after components are fixed. Reduce the flame retardant sealing effect.


Excellent flame retardant performance, the cured colloid has high insulation and high voltage resistance, and the flame retardant grade reaches UL94-V0 level, which provides a high-guaranteed flame retardant coefficient for electronic products, and plays a role in ensuring the stability of the product during use. Improve the performance and life of the product.

Superior electrical properties, anti-aging, anti-cold and heat alternating performance, moisture-proof and non-swelling, electrical insulation performance, shock-proof, waterproof, vibration-absorbing and stability, increase the safety factor of electronic products during use.

Fast curing speed, easy to extrude, but not flowing, good thixotropy, high elongation, easy to operate, can be applied manually or mechanically, no glue leakage, meet any working environment and working conditions, with simple, The benefits of easy sizing.

It is a non-toxic, non-irritating gas release, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, safer and more environmentally friendly. It has passed the EU RoHS standard. Environmental protection provides a double guarantee.


Mainly used in power supply, waterproof power supply, UPS power supply, EPS power supply, linear light, underwater landscape light, solar panel PV module frame and junction box, control module, lightning protection module, capacitor, ballast, inductor, sensor Fixing of electronic components, moisture-proof and waterproof packaging.

It has excellent adhesion and adhesion to various metal and non-metal materials, and is suitable for bonding and sealing of metals and plastics;

It is widely used for the bonding and sealing of high-voltage caps in TVs and rear-projection TVs, the fixing of color TV output transformers, focusing potentiometers, high-power tube speakers and electronic components, and the sealing of cold storage joints.

Widely used in the bonding, sealing and insulation of circuit boards and electronic components of household appliances such as color TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens;

It is suitable for liquid crystal display, light-emitting diode and audio shockproof; bonding and sealing of accessories such as lighting industry, solar energy field, mechanical hardware, packaging industry, etc.;

ES dongcheng not only has the ability to provide high-quality general-purpose thermal insulation materials, but also has the ability to accurately and quickly respond to customers’ customized needs, helping customers to obtain more suitable thermal insulation materials in a short time.


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