Silicone fiberglass cloth

Industrial functional composite materials made of silicone resin coated on nylon or fiberglass cloth.


  • Excellent heat resistance, release properties and electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent flexural flexibility
  • Unique performance in flame retardancy

Kneading dough, mixing paint, etc…

Fluorine resin has non-stick properties, so even easily sticky materials can be handled smoothly. It can also be used in teaching courses such as pottery, silver jewelry making, and glass crafts.

When mixing medicinal liquids in the laboratory…

Fluororesin has chemical resistance properties, so you can work with peace of mind by placing it on a work table before mixing chemicals. In case of chemical droplets on the cloth, it can be easily wiped off. Of course, the silicone resin on the back has anti-slip ability, and the cloth will not slide during use.

The product can be protected during pre-shipment inspections…

It can be used as a pad during product inspection, which can reduce the damage to the product caused by the overturning action. This is also the characteristic of flexibility that fluororesin has. The cloth pad can prevent the damage of the product and reduce the defective rate of the product.

It can be used as a simple whiteboard in the meeting…

Fluorine resin has non-adhesive properties, and it can easily erase the writing on the microphone when it is used as a whiteboard. The non-slip properties of the silicone resin on the back allow the pad to adhere to vertical surfaces. In meetings, it can be used as a whiteboard replacement.

  • ※It takes a lot of time to erase the handwriting of the oil-based pen. It is recommended that you use a whiteboard pen.
  • ※There are also surfaces to which the pad cannot be attached.
  • ※After a certain period of time, the pad will peel off due to its own weight. It is recommended that you stick it again and flatten it.

Can be used as a mouse pad…

Fluorine resin has the property of sliding, which can make the mouse easier to use and reduce the burden on the hands. And the non-adhesive properties of fluororesin, it can be easily wiped even if the drink is overturned.
The non-slip property of the silicone resin on the back allows the pad to be fixed in the position used by the tender.


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