Silicone material semi-open earphones

Using a special precision composite diaphragm with a diameter of 50mm, it has a balanced frequency response, high sensitivity and low resistance pit design, providing perfect sound quality clarity and detail, and allows you to easily use it on low-power audio equipment.

The earmuffs are made of soft silicone material, and the lightweight and durable body is still moderate for long-term wear. It is an ideal choice for music appreciation or music production, making high-quality music appreciation at your fingertips!

Features of Silicone Earmuffs

The soft silicone earmuffs are designed to cover the ears and have a good sound insulation effect in noisy environments.
The silicone material can effectively improve and prevent the sound leakage of the headphones, allowing you to fully experience the sound quality of the headphones and bring you better bass performance.
Removable and washable, it will not produce peculiar smell compared to ordinary earmuffs.
Silicone has a special touch, and it will not feel stuffy after long-term use.
Non-toxic design, long service life.
Self-adjusting headband design, can fit the head.


  • Dynamic semi-open headphones
  • Φ50mm precision composite diaphragm, professional-grade unit reproduces the details of the sound clearly and clearly, suitable for professional-grade studio monitoring applications
  • Lightweight design, suitable for long-term wear
  • Monitor-grade, precise and balanced sound
  • Rugged construction design
  • Obedient material, the bass is not easy to leak

    Close to the material, the bass is not easy to leak

  • Durable and not easily damaged

    Durable and not easily damaged

  • Soft material, no pressure when wearing glasses

    Soft material, wear glasses is not oppressive

  • The same sound insulation effect, less clamping force

    Same sound insulation effect with less clamping force

  • Effortless cleaning, environmentally friendly reuse, washable

    Effortless to clean, eco-friendly, reusable, washable

  • Can block cold air infiltration

    Can block cold air infiltration


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