TIANYU-P20L POS Terminal Silicone Protective Case

POS terminal protection sleeve, three-dimensional wrapping body, precise fit, soft touch, variety of colors. Provide suitable material selection suggestions, design improvement suggestions.

  • Add personal touch and help protect the fuselage.
  • Choose from vivid and varied colors.
  • The new anti-fouling treatment reduces the stickiness of dust and hair chips caused by static electricity.
  • Improve the problem of coating peeling, paint loss, and stickiness.

Available in stock, no need to mold, customizable logo, can choose any color.

Excellent quality, rapid delivery, acceptance of unique design or logo, competitive price, diversified design.

Product parameters

Product Name POS Terminal Silicone Protective Case
Material Eco-friendly silicone
Applicable model TIANYU-P20L POS terminal
Brand ES
Customization Available in stock,No need for mold opening,Customizable logo
Color Any color can be customized
Additional Screen printing, embossing, color printing, laser, etc., welcome to customize exclusive for you
Producer Shenzhen, China


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