Customized Wholesale Silicone Cases For POS Machine, VERIFONE-VX680 Case

POS terminal silicone protective sleeve material is soft, elastic, protective equipment, with a certain cushioning effect, coupled with reasonable structural design, can make the protected POS terminal products have anti-drop function.

  • Hard objects leave scratches on the fuselage
  • Can be printed with a variety of colors, beautiful and generous
  • Prevent long-term contact with the fuselage from scratching and abrasion of nails
  • Non-slip and feels very good

ES POS terminal silicone protective case in addition to the basic protective role, there are more artistic performance, you can customize a variety of cartoon shape of the silicone sleeve, color silicone sleeve, printing pattern, laser engraving and so on. We are more than welcome to customize your own personality.

Product Name Silicone Protective Cover
Material Eco-friendly silicone
Applicable model VERIFONE-VX680
Brand ES
Customization Support, welcome to contact us
Color Any color can be customized
Spraying equipment automatic spraying line + 10,000-level dust-free workshop
Additional Screen printing, embossing, color printing, laser, etc., welcome to customize exclusive for you
Molding method extrusion molding, injection molding


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