INGENICO-IWL220 POS Terminal Silicone Protective Case

Silicone protective sleeve has the advantages of elasticity, shockproof and good fall resistance. In addition, the surface of the silicone layer is sprayed with a layer of smooth and textured ink protection layer, which makes the surface of the POS terminal protective sleeve have both a smooth texture and a dust-proof and anti-static effect, and has a good protective effect.

  • Fall prevention
  • Dustproof
  • Not easily deformed
  • Washable
  • Comfortable feel and aesthetically pleasing

Available in stock, no need to mold, customizable logo, can choose any color.

INGENICO-IWL220 silicone sleeve in the structure of the reasonable design, due to the use of elastic silicone material system, the process is simple, not easy to tear damage, and non-toxic, long service life, can be tightly enclosed in the natural state POS terminal, effectively avoid the daily wear of POS terminal, and beautiful appearance, while both dustproof and radiation-proof role.

Product parameters

Product Name POS Terminal Silicone Protective Case
Material Eco-friendly silicone
Applicable model INGENICO-IWL220 POS terminal
Brand ES
Customization Available in stock,No need for mold opening,Customizable logo
Color Any color can be customized
Additional Screen printing, embossing, color printing, laser, etc., welcome to customize exclusive for you
Producer Shenzhen, China


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